Brand Story

Traditional Japanese Sense of Beauty

"Wabi Sabi"

“Wabi Sabi” is one of the Japanese aesthetic concepts.
Originally it was something that has faded out of date
And what was negative,
with the changing times
and the implications gradually become positive.
The change to a new sense of beauty that expresses a lack of beauty.

The beauty that our brand “WABI to SABI” aims for
is based on the concept of “Wabi Sabi”.
Both women and men.
enjoying aging with the time without fear; To be more noble and beautiful both inside and outside.
While accepting changes over time,
We are particular about our own beauty.
The beauty of a mature mind to enjoy the present and the future “Wabi (WABI)”
The individual tastes that arise in the process of change
“Sabi (SABI)” pursues further beauty while having fun.

By fusion of traditional Japanese prescriptions and advanced technologies
Made in Japan.
It has a simple yet dignified strength and gorgeousness.
Evolve with age,
this is a skin care brand for such adults