4 Special Feature of "Wabi to Sabi" ---------

Traditional Herbal Medicine x Functional

Herbal medicine is an active ingredient contained in plants with natural medicinal properties, and has been used for the improvement of health since ancient times. Many natural drugs are still used in traditional medicine around the world. In WABI to SABI, attention is paid especially to traditional Japanese crude drugs.


It is a scent that brings you deep relaxation such as silence and peace, and feeling a moment of meditation by closing your eyes slowly in the forest. No synthetic fragrances. Original scent of natural essential oil. The effect of the aroma soothes the weary mind of adults, and the comfortable aroma relaxes the brain, which has a positive effect on the skin.


In today’s world, beauty is no longer just for women. Men’s cosmetics have become the norm. All WABI to SABI items are designed to be used by anyone regardless of gender. Therefore, the scent of our products are also genderless. It has a relaxing and comfortable fragrance. Our concept of genderless is featured on product package design. It is designed to be easy for anyone to pick up.


Ukiyoe is highly appreciated overseas and is widely known to foreigners as a form of Japonism. Ukiyoe, which was created in the early Edo period, has been changing and evolving throughout its long history, and is still familiar to many people. Ukiyoe, which is a popular culture in Edo, is arranged powerfully in a modern style as an icon to express the modern “Wabi Sabi”, and it expresses adults who are living in the present day in a glossy and beautiful way.