Wabi to Sabi

Moisture Micro Patch

Penetrate deeply with a needle Stab, Beauty Essence.

WABI to SABI Moisture Micro Patch
Moisturizing, Resilient skin, sheet type beauty essence
Made in Japan

Just apply it and go to bed

Will find your skin
moisture and resilient next morning

After applying it to your skin, you will feel a tingling sensation for a while.
This is because hyaluronic acid, which is the main ingredient, combines with skin moisture.
The needle part firmly penetrates into the horny layer, and it is a proof that hyaluronic acid is injected *.

*There are individual differences in how they feel.
Even if you do not feel the “tingling sensation”, the microneedle dissolves and penetrates into the stratum corneum when applied to the skin.

Next-generation cosmetics

Micro Needle Technology

A technique to harden hyaluronic acid into invisible small needles. An epoch-making production method in which the ingredients penetrate by dissolving the needle in the moisture of the skin.

One of the best standard in Japan

2600 needles (for one pair)

The more needles you use, the more effective the ingredients will reach your skin.

[ Ingredients]

Hyaluronan Na, BG, and water-soluble proteoglycans

[Precautions before use] Please take a rest with the sticker on. It will take 5 hours to permeate *.

・Use once or twice a week before going to bed.
・After washing your face and taking care of your skin as usual, apply skin lotion or beauty essence well before use. (The stickiness may be damaged if moisture or oil such as toner remains on the skin.)
・The transparent sheet at the center of the patch is a microneedle, so do not remove it. Also, do not touch the microneedles directly as they will melt if touched.

[ Procedure]

① Use after blending skin toner, beauty essence, etc.
② Remove the case from the bag and remove the transparent film from the case.
③ Twist the transparent film back and forth along the arrow to remove the moisture micropatch from the transparent film. (See Figure A)
④ Apply the removed patch on areas of concern such as the lower eyelid, outer corner of the eye, or around the mouth. (See Figure B) The prickling needle-like side touches the skin. Lightly apply the patch along the curve of the lower eyelid so that it does not stick to the eyelashes. Lightly place the corner of the eye on the curve of the corner of the eye and the mouth from the nose to the mouth.
⑤ Press the center part of the patch vertically with your finger and stick it to your skin. (see Figure C) Once a patch is pasted, it cannot be repasted.
⑥ Leave the product on for at least 5 hours until the needle-like essence dissolves and penetrates *. Remove the patch slowly after more than 5 hours. If there is gel left on the skin after removing the patch, gently blend it into the skin with lotion, etc. * Up to the stratum corneum

[ Precautions on Use]

●Please use when your hands are dry as it is sensitive to humidity.● Use immediately after opening. ● Please throw away the patch you used once. ● Please use this product with care for skin abnormalities. Discontinue use if the product does not suit your skin, or if any of the following conditions occur. Continuing to use the product may cause any symptoms to worsen, so we recommend that you consult a dermatologist. (1) If abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, discoloration (vitiligo, etc.) or darkening appear during use (2) If the above abnormalities appear on your skin upon exposure to direct sunlight after use ● Please do not use on areas with abnormalities such as wounds, swelling or eczema. ● Please store out of the reach of small children. ● Please do not store in areas subject to high or low extremes of temperature, or areas exposed to direct sunlight.